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Head Start is a 100% FREE pre-school program for qualifying children and families. The Head Start program was launched nearly 50 years ago by the U.S federal government, to provide comprehensive education, health, nutrition, and social services for low income families.

The program is designed to provide support to families and communities, get children ready to attend school, and build children’s academic and social-emotional skills. In our Head Start program, your child will build literacy, math and social skills with the support of well-trained teachers and a rich, engaging curriculum.

What Makes Head Start at Childcare Network Special?

Head Start at Childcare Network is a comprehensive, family-focused program. We provide educational services to 1001 children ages 0 to 5 years old through our preschool program. In addition, we provide health and family services to these children and their families. Ninety percent of our families live at or below the federally poverty income guideline. Head Start at Childcare Network engages our parents, local partners, and other advocates in our communities to provide high quality, age appropriate, early care and education for our children. We are there for our families as they maneuver through the joys and challenges of raising strong, caring, bright young children in this busy world. We go above and beyond to create safe teaching environments that allow parents to feel comfortable going to work each day while their child is with us. Throughout our program year we will be offering workshops that will focus on Family Life Practices that research has determined to be instrumental in closing the achievement gap.
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